About Warner Wood Co.


Originally founded in an Arlington, Virginia apartment in 2018, Warner Wood Co. has developed rapidly, paralleling the growth of founding husband-wife team, Paul and Christy Warner, as woodworkers. Warner Wood Co. has since moved to a home woodshop in Reston, Virginia, although much of the heavy lifting is done at a local community makerspace in the area.


Much of the furniture designed and built by Warner Wood Co. is influenced by minimal, modern design. You'll notice simple, natural elements and clean architectural lines, blending traditional influences, like those popularized by Michael Pekovich, with more Scandinavian and Japanese touches.

The Future

2019 and beyond are going to be huge for Warner Wood Co! Follow the journey, as we grow our business, develop new products, and learn along the way. Instagram is the best way to see what Warner Wood Co. is working on at any point in time.

Ready to see how all this translates into woodworking?